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A Look at Credit Default Swaps and Their Impact on the European Debt Crisis

By Bryan J. Noeth and Rajdeep Sengupta

Did you know that buying a credit default swap can be like buying insurance on your neighbor’s car—and then getting paid when that neighbor has an accident? Learn the ABCs of CDS, and find out why they are so important to any discussion of the European debt crisis.

4.5 (14 Reviews)


On the Road to Recovery, Soft Patches Turn Up Often

By Richard G. Anderson and Yang Liu

4.5 (2 Reviews)


President's Message: The Economic Recovery—America's Investment Problem

By James Bullard

3.0 (3 Reviews)


National Overview: The Economy Should Be Able To Avoid a Recession in 2012

By Kevin L. Kliesen

4.0 (1 Reviews)


Economic Hangover: Recovery Is Likely To Be Prolonged, Painful

By William R. Emmons

It’s time to pay the piper for our freewheeling spending of the past decade.  Although some scenarios for the future economy provide reason to hope, the recovery is likely to be slow and volatile.

2.5 (46 Reviews)


National Overview: Signs Point toward Another Jobless Recovery

By Kevin L. Kliesen

1.5 (16 Reviews)


Commercial Real Estate: A Drag for Some Banks but Maybe Not for U.S. Economy

By Rajeev R. Bhaskar Yadav K. Gopalan, and Kevin L. Kliesen,

Community banks seem to have the most to fear about the state of commercial real estate today. The problems with these loans, however, shouldn’t derail the entire economy.

4.0 (10 Reviews)


Inflation May Be the Next Dragon To Slay

By Kevin L. Kliesen

Although some think it’s too soon to worry about high inflation, there are risks for that to happen in the medium term. Besides the obvious risks, a new bubble might be brewing in asset prices as investors search for higher returns, and the gap between actual output and potential output might be smaller than most think. Watch video

3.5 (22 Reviews)


President's Message: Quantitative Easing—Uncharted Waters for Monetary Policy

By James Bullard

2.5 (9 Reviews)


National Overview: The Recovery Might Be a 98-Pound Weakling

By Kevin L. Kliesen

0.0 (0 Reviews)


Digging Into the Infrastructure Debate

By Kevin L. Kliesen and Douglas C. Smith

Is the nation's infrastructure really in such bad shape?  Should we be spending more on the Internet and less on interstates?  And what of competing needs—health care, education, wars?

5.0 (2 Reviews)


National Overview: The Storm Clouds Begin To Depart

By Kevin L. Kliesen

1.0 (4 Reviews)


Community Profile: Dyersburg, Tenn., Hopes I-69 Is the Road to Prosperity

By Glen R. Sparks

5.0 (1 Reviews)


District Overview: Uneven City Job Trends Weigh on Kentucky’s Recovery

By Thomas A. Garrett and Lesli S. Ott

0.0 (0 Reviews)


National Overview: Economy Overcomes Hurricanes, Rising Energy Prices

By Kevin L. Kliesen

0.0 (0 Reviews)


National Overview: Despite Setbacks, the U.S. Economy Steams Forward

By Kevin L. Kliesen

0.0 (0 Reviews)


National and District Overview: Economy Finally Takes Off

By Kevin L. Kliesen

0.0 (0 Reviews)


The Economy Gets Back on Track: but Once Again Leaves Many Workers Behind

By Kevin L. Kliesen

After each of the past two recessions, the recovery has been lackluster, with little economic growth and job creation. Historically, the rebound has been much stronger. Is the economy changing fundamentally?

0.0 (0 Reviews)


Rules vs. Discretion: The Wrong Choice Could Open the Floodgates

By Jason J. Buol and Mark D. Vaughan

Anyone who sets any kind of policy can appreciate the dilemma that faces those trying to prevent construction in floodplains: Is it better to stick to the rules—no matter how harsh—or to exercise discretion under certain circumstances?

4.5 (2 Reviews)


After the 500-Year Flood: An Early Look at the Return to Normalcy

By Adam M. Zaretsky

As the rivers recede, damage estimates are pouring in. But preliminary estimates seldom capture the full extent of a natural disaster.

5.0 (1 Reviews)