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Starting a Business During a Recovery: This Time, It's Different

By Juan M. Sánchez and Constanza S. Liborio

3.0 (4 Reviews)


In-Depth: Ever-Higher Taxes or Ever-Higher Debt? Exploring Scenarios and Possible Solutions to the Federal Budget Deficit

1.0 (5 Reviews)


Community Profile: Town Hangs On to Old Economy Even as It Embraces the New

By Susan C. Thomson

0.0 (0 Reviews)


Community Profile: Factory Closings Shock Community into Opening Wallets for Economic Development

By Susan C. Thomson

0.0 (0 Reviews)


An Early Childhood Investment with a High Public Return

By Rob Grunewald and Arthur J. Rolnick

High-quality early childhood programs, particularly for children at risk, result not only in economic gains for the children as they grow up, but in savings on taxes, studies have shown.

4.5 (10 Reviews)


Corporate Social Responsibility Can Be Profitable

By Rubén Hernández-Murillo and Christopher J. Martinek

Businesses have found that it can pay off to engage in social stewardship, such as donating to charity, protecting the environment and nurturing a diverse and safe workplace.

2.5 (2 Reviews)


Community Profile: The Collierville, Tenn., Challenge—Can This Growing Memphis Suburb Balance Growth with Its Small-Town Identity?

By Laura J. Hopper

0.0 (0 Reviews)


Big Government: The Comeback Kid?

By Kevin L. Kliesen

In the cover story, find out why the federal government’s days of scaling back are over. Fueling the buildup are corporate accounting scandals, the war on terrorism and demands for a Medicare prescription drug program.

1.0 (1 Reviews)


President's Message: To Sustain Financial Stability

By William Poole

3.0 (1 Reviews)


Should Cities Pay for Sports Facilities?

By Adam M. Zaretsky

Taxpayers can get more bang for their buck on other projects, but saying "no" to the home team is hard to do.

4.5 (21 Reviews)


Does Big Business Need Taming? The Role of Economics in Antitrust Law

By Michelle Clark Neely

With industry consolidation continuing apace, economists are increasingly being tapped to provide insight into regulators’ least-favorite game: Monopoly.

0.0 (0 Reviews)


Assessing the Generational Gap in Future Living Standards through Generational Accounting

By Kevin L. Kliesen

Figuring out how to equalize the tax burden across generations is easy. Deciding who’s going to pay for it is the hard part.

0.0 (0 Reviews)


Tax Man Heal Thyself

By Kevin L. Kliesen

Most economists agree that the current U.S. tax system requires reforming. How to go about it, though, is open to debate.

0.0 (0 Reviews)


A Fiscal Devolution: Can State and Local Governments Measure Up?

By Kevin L. Kliesen

Thanks to belt-tightening, states are in the best shape they’ve been in since the 1980s. The fat they’ll need to absorb from unfunded federal programs, though, could weigh them down.

0.0 (0 Reviews)


Should We Ax the Capital Gains Tax?

By Andrew P. Meyer

Those who earn income from capital complain that capital gains taxes are so high, it takes the investing incentive away. But many disagree. A look at the capital gains tax conundrum.

0.0 (0 Reviews)


Riding the Rails: A Look at Light Rail Transit

By Adam M. Zaretsky

All across the nation, newly constructed light rail systems have civic boosters doing The Loco-motion.  Taxpayers, however, may not feel like dancing.

5.0 (1 Reviews)


After the 500-Year Flood: An Early Look at the Return to Normalcy

By Adam M. Zaretsky

As the rivers recede, damage estimates are pouring in. But preliminary estimates seldom capture the full extent of a natural disaster.

5.0 (1 Reviews)