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College Degrees: Why Aren't More People Making the Investment?

By Maria E. Canon and Charles S. Gascon

The benefits of a college diploma are many, including higher pay, lower unemployment, maybe even better health. Yet many high school graduates still do not pursue a college degree. This article examines several key reasons why more people aren’t making this investment in themselves.

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Earnings Growth Over a Lifetime: Not What It Used To Be

By Yu-Chien Kong and B. Ravikumar

A typical worker's earnings grow over his lifetime. The generation of workers born in the 1910s experienced more growth than the generation born in the 1940s.

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Reader Exchange: Ask an Economist, and Letters to the Editor

By Richard G. Anderson

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President's Message: Recent Actions Increase the Fed's Transparency

By James Bullard

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National Overview: The Economy Should Be Able To Avoid a Recession in 2012

By Kevin L. Kliesen

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In-Depth: What’s Not Working This Time Around? Third Dialogue Examines Why Unemployment Remains High

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Have You Heard

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Are Small Businesses the Biggest Producers of Jobs?

By Kevin L. Kliesen and Julia S. Maues

It's often said that small businesses generate the most jobs in the U.S. This is true if one looks at the gross number of jobs. But because small businesses have a high failure rate, they are not the largest producer of jobs at the net level.

3.5 (30 Reviews)


Disagreement at the FOMC: The Dissenting Votes Are Just Part of the Story

By Michael W. McCracken

Recently released data on economic forecasts made by voting and nonvoting members of the FOMC suggest that there is more disagreement than the voting record indicates.

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Inflation May Be the Next Dragon To Slay

By Kevin L. Kliesen

Although some think it’s too soon to worry about high inflation, there are risks for that to happen in the medium term. Besides the obvious risks, a new bubble might be brewing in asset prices as investors search for higher returns, and the gap between actual output and potential output might be smaller than most think. Watch video

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National Overview: Threats to the Economy Don’t Let Up

By Kevin L. Kliesen

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U.S. Income Inequality: It's Not So Bad

By Thomas A. Garrett

Census data show that the income of the rich is growing faster than the income of the poor. But such common measures exaggerate the degree of income inequality. In addition, income inequality is the result of-and not a detriment to-a well-functioning economy.

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As Household Asset Values Rise, Should We Still Worry about the Saving Rate?

By William R. Emmons

Although some data show that household wealth is rising, we shouldn’t be complacent about the flip side of the coin—that personal saving is in a nosedive.

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Survey Says Families Are Digging Deeper into Debt

By Kevin L. Kliesen

The Fed’s triennial Survey of Consumer Finances found that median household debt rose almost 34 percent between 2001 and 2004, while net worth rose just 1.5 percent.

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Wage Gap Widens, Especially in Cities

By Christopher H. Wheeler

Thirty years ago, the "haves" in the St. Louis Fed's District earned 3.7 times what the "have nots" earned.  Today, the "haves" make 5.2 times as much.  Education is just one of the reasons behind the widening divide.

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National and District Overview: Despite Red Flags, Inflation under Control

By Kevin L. Kliesen

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Price Stability And The Rising Tide: How Low Inflation Lifts All Ships

By William Poole and Howard J. Wall

The low and stable inflation that the Fed has relentlessly pursued over the past decade or so has buoyed virtually all demographic groups, enabling most Americans to do a lot more than just keep their heads above water.

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Working In The Golden Years And Paying For It: The Retirement Earnings Test

By Adam M. Zaretsky

With heavy penalties for post-retirement employment, it's no wonder that senior citizens are choosing the golf course over the labor force.

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President's Message: Labor Market Dynamics and Inflation

By Thomas C. Melzer

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Are Economic Flexibility and Social Welfare Programs Incompatible?

By Adam M. Zaretsky

Everyone knows that social welfare programs shackle an economy, right? New evidence shows that such programs’ effects on labor markets are smaller than traditionally thought.

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