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The Regional Economist

The Regional Economist is a quarterly publication that addresses national and regional economic issues and their impact on the Eighth District.

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July 2009

Digging into the Infrastructure Debate

Is the nation's infrastructure really in such bad shape?  Should we be spending more on the Internet and less on interstates?  And what of competing needs—health care, education, wars?

The Curious Case of the U.S. Monetary Base

Recent increases in the monetary base are far greater than any previously in American history, surely a "noble experiment" in policymaking. Whether these policies can succeed—and without accelerating inflation—remains to be seen.

Illinois' Smoking Ban Leads to Revenue Decline at Casinos

The first year of Illinois' smoking ban in all public places cut revenue at casinos by about one-fifth.   Some argue that the recession is to blame, not the ban, but the evidence shows otherwise.


President's Message: As in the Past, Reform Will Follow Crisis

Road Can Be Rough for Community College Students

Community Profile: Resort Rejuvenates French Lick, Ind.

District Overview: Prime-Mortgage Problems Escalate

National Overview: Clouds Begin To Depart

Reader Exchange

Selected Measures of the National and Regional Economy (PDF 3.4MB)