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Juan M. Sánchez

Credit to Noncorporate Businesses Remains Tight

By Juan M. Sánchez


Paying Down Credit Card Debt: A Breakdown by Income and Age

By Juan M. Sánchez


A Look at Japan's Slowdown and Its Turnaround Plan

By Juan M. Sánchez and Emircan Yurdagul

For years, perhaps even decades, Japan’s economy has struggled with low growth and low inflation. A year ago, new policies were put into place to turn around the economy. Although there are similarities between Japan’s experience and that of other developed countries (including the U.S.), there are also many differences.


Europe May Provide Lessons on Preventing Mortgage Defaults

By Juan Carlos Hatchondo Leonardo Martinez, and Juan M. Sánchez,

During the last global recession, house prices fell in some European countries almost as much as in some U.S. states. However, mortgage defaults occurred at a much lower rate in Europe. The authors say the difference might be explained by two regulations that apply in Europe but are used on a limited or much less restrictive basis in the U.S.


Why Are Corporations Holding So Much Cash?

By Juan M. Sánchez and Emircan Yurdagul

U.S. corporations are holding record-high amounts of cash.  One reason has to do with taxes—both the uncertainty about future taxes and the reality of today’s tax rules.  The second reason has to do with the rise of research and development; because of its uncertain nature, this sort of work requires access to high levels of cash.


Job Gains and Losses at Large and Small Firms during the Great Recession

By Juan M. Sánchez and Lowell R. Ricketts

Conventional wisdom says that employment at small firms declines more than employment at large firms during recessions. However, that doesn’t seem to have been the case during the Great Recession of 2007-09.


District Overview: Reallocation of Credit, a Measure of Financial Activity, Has Yet To Bounce Back

By Constanza S. Liborio and Juan M. Sánchez


Starting a Business During a Recovery: This Time, It's Different

By Juan M. Sánchez and Constanza S. Liborio