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Livability and Jobs: Exploring Innovation 2012

8 a.m. - Noon | Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - St. Louis, Mo.

Exploring Innovation

Livability is the sum of the factors that add up to a community's quality of life—including the built and natural environments, economic prosperity, social stability and equity, educational opportunity, and cultural, entertainment and recreation possibilities.

– Partners for Livable Communities

How are you thinking about your community? Are you visioning, exploring, experimenting or modifying? Innovation is essential for successful and sustainable community development activities.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis will host a morning conference about new ideas and fresh thinking on livability and its important role in a local economy. The focus will be on the economics of sustainability, regionalism and the new civics, equity and jobs. Speakers will include:

Recently, the concept of livability has been applied to an increasingly diverse set of community elements, from health care to environmental protection to economic development and the accessibility of the arts. It is a positive sign that so many sectors are concerned with and invested in a community's livability. However, this has led to confusion regarding how to balance one set of values against another.

This Exploring Innovation conference will support the process of developing an alliance of organizations with an interest in livability issues to cooperatively define the virtues of a livable community in these hard times. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the goal is to have major organizations work in concert with each other to create a balanced and composite definition of what defines a livable community.

This event is free; however, registration is required by Friday, March 16, as space is limited. Continental breakfast will be provided.