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A link to a pre-conference survey will be sent to each registrant with the e-mail confirmation.

Preparing for Launch

Our entire Wednesday will be spent as a group gathered in the Innovation Café in the Starlight Roof ballroom of the Chase Park Plaza. The space is peaceful, and the place is a relaxed and hospitable café. Business casual dress is encouraged. What should you bring? A smile, an open mind and a few ideas.

The café process may be a departure from other conference experiences.

  1. One way to prepare for the day may be to review some quick questions.
  2. To go further, read the more in-depth Café Design Principles.
  3. The World Café web site also has a more extensive readng list.

The World Café is facilitated by staff from Innovation Labs.

The View from Up Here

The content of the World Café is important for those working in community development. It focuses on three progressive themes:

  1. Understanding the innovation process and the power of social networks.
    Resource: The Innovation Labs web site has many good reading materials. Building the Innovation Culture is a good start.
  2. Group creativity and collaboration.
    Resource: "The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind," Time magazine, Jan. 8, 2006.
    Also, an overview of Explaining Creativity: The Science of Human Innovation by Keith Sawyer is available on Amazon.com.
  3. Innovation in community development, finance and investment.
    Resource: Read background materials from the Aspen Institute and the Federal Reserve System.

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