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"Just encouraging innovation is not enough. You need to initiate programs that show people how they can use creative techniques to come up with new solutions."

Paul Sloane
consultant, author

Breakout sessions will encourage interaction and plenty of time for discussion. The formats will offer a range of options from the opportunity to chat in an intimate setting or sit and listen to a presentation of recent research results.

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Breakout Session Categories

Soap Box: The session is a facilitated informal discussion and debate.

Sit and Listen: This session is more cerebral and involves theory or a research presentation with thoughtful analysis.

Tools and Techniques: A more traditional show-and-tell panel of case studies and best practices with practical applications.

Documentary films or other multimedia with discussion.

Move and Shake: Hands-on games, exercises, demonstrations and performances.

Collaboratory: Resembles a formal think tank with participatory design and planning to take an idea to action.

How do I? A formal how-to training workshop.

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