Review Your Draft

Keep in mind we have merely transformed our sentences from an outline format to a narrative format. With this, our yellow-light phase is complete, and we move into the red-light phase where we will put the finishing touches on our product. Before leaving this lesson, take a few minutes to review the draft carefully. As you read the draft, consider the questions below. We will work toward answering each of these in subsequent lessons in this module.

  • Do the paragraphs seem complete? Is there a clear idea introduced at the beginning of each paragraph that is supported throughout?
  • Do the sentences flow well from one to the other?
  • Do any of the sentences need to be rewritten to better clarify the meaning or intent?
  • How is the tone? (Recall the second module of this course.) Have we used voice, writing style and word choice appropriately?
  • Are any changes necessary for spelling or grammar?

Click here to view a "clean" copy of the draft narrative.  Roll your mouse over each paragraph to see which pieces of the outline comprise each. Click the link a second time to close the narrative.

Liquidity overview
Position statement and MDPs 1 and 2
First set of facts for MDP 1
Second set of facts for MDP 1
Facts for MDP 2, plus the problem and solution statements for MDP 2