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Cards, Cars and Currency

Cards, Cars and Currency is a curriculum unit for use in high school personal finance classes. The curriculum challenges students to learn about three specific areas of personal finance: credit cards, debit cards and purchasing a car. The unit is divided into five lesson plans. The activities in each lesson plan are designed to address problem-solving, critical thinking and higher levels of learning, using real-world scenarios.

The lessons can be downloaded at:

Economic educators at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis offer workshops on Cards, Cars and Currency. For information contact:

Little Rock: Billy Britt, billy.j.britt@stls.frb.org
Louisville: Caryn Rossiter, caryn.j.rossiter@stls.frb.org
Memphis: Jeannette Bennett, jeannette.n.bennett@stls.frb.org
St. Louis: Barbara Flowers, barbara.flowers@stls.frb.org