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Economic Snapshot

3rd Quarter 1998

Q4-97 Q1-98 Q2-98 Q3-98
Growth Rate—Real Gross Domestic Product 3.0% 5.5% 1.8% 3.9%*
Inflation Rate—Consumer Price Index 2.1% 0.5% 2.0% 1.8%
Civilian Unemployment Rate 4.7% 4.7% 4.4% 4.5%


SOURCE: National Economic Trends, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, February 1998.

Do employment rates vary among people with differing education levels?

We've often heard that education helps you get a job; here are some statistics that back this up. As seen in the chart above, during the first four months of 1998 an average of only 39.6 percent of those who did not finish high school were at work, but 78.7 percent if college-educated adults held jobs. The figures for those with a high school diploma and those with some college lie in between, at 62 .9 percent and 72.3 percent, respectively.

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