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You Can Still Participate in Final CRA Public Hearings in September

Friday, October 1, 2010

The final of a series of Federal Reserve public hearings on proposals to changing parts of Regulation C, which implements the Community Reinvestment Act, will be held Sept. 15 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Sept. 24 at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. Even though these hearings are being held far from the Eighth District, you or your officer overseeing CRA can participate by submitting comments and watching the hearings.

The four hearings (the previous two were held July 15 at the Atlanta Fed and Aug. 5 at the San Francisco Fed) have three objectives:

  • Help the Board evaluate whether the 2002 Regulation C revisions that required lenders to report mortgage pricing data have in fact provided useful and accurate information about the mortgage market.
  • Provide information to help the Board assess the need for additional data and other improvements.
  • Identify emerging issues in the mortgage market that may warrant additional research.

See for a list of specific topics.

All hearings include panel discussions by invited speakers. Interested parties able to travel to the hearings may deliver oral statements as time permits. Written statements of any length may be submitted for the record. Submit written comments to:

Please identify your comments by Docket No.OP-1388. If e-mailing, include the docket number in message's subject line.