FREE  |   Temporarily Closed  |  Normal Hours: Mon – Fri, 9 a.m. - 3 pm (Holidays)
FREE  |  Temporarily Closed
Normal Hours: Mon – Fri, 9 a.m. - 3 pm (Holidays)

Enjoy a Virtual Museum Experience

The St. Louis Fed's free Economy Museum features nearly 100 exhibits that are brought to life through interactive displays, games, sculptures and videos.

We miss our visitors and tour groups, so we invite you to check out these resources.

Economy Museum Video Tour

Come explore the museum from wherever you are! This full-length guided video tour of the museum allows you to see exhibits and watch videos previously available only within the museum. It’s a perfect virtual tour for students – especially those in middle and high school – as well for adults looking to explore the museum. Visit our YouTube page for short videos on each museum zone.

The Fed in Five | A History of the Federal Reserve

Experience 100 years of Fed history in just five minutes! This video, which was only previously available inside our museum, takes a look back to the early 1900s to see why the Fed was created … and then flashes forward to see how the Fed has responded to different economic crises.

Online Lesson: Currency and the Fed

We’ve turned our on-site programs virtual! Test your knowledge in this short video. You’ll learn about different denominations of U.S. currency, what makes something valuable as money, and the role the Fed plays in the distribution of money.

Mini-Tour: Ancient & Unique Money

Money hasn’t always been currency or coin; it has actually existed in many different forms. Thousands of years ago, people used objects with trading values to act as “money”—things like rings, porcelain and even knives and axes. Here's a look at the Ancient and Unique Money exhibit.

Mini-Tour: Gold Bar Exhibit

The genuine gold bar is our most popular exhibit. It weighs nearly 28 pounds and is worth nearly $650,000 (as of this recording). Learn more about it and how you can lift it.

Mini-Tour: Giant Penny

Here’s one of the coolest displays at the St. Louis Fed’s Economy Museum. It’s also our largest exhibit: the giant penny! While Abe Lincoln stood at 6-foot-4, this giant penny featuring Honest Abe is a massive 8 feet tall. Watch this video to learn the official name of the coin we all call the “penny.”

Mini-Tour: Wood Block Tower

Just like the wood blocks in the popular game, banking regulations often build on one another. Learn more about this unique exhibit at the Economy Museum by watching our video!

Million Dollar Money Cube

Standing nearly 7 feet tall, this giant cube represents the size of 1 million Federal Reserve notes (but only contains 224 real bills). It’s a great place for a pic because you literally look like a million bucks! If the cube actually contained $1 million, it would weigh over a ton.