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Federal Open Market Committee Participants

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Participants listed in alphabetical order.

Lael Brainard
Board of Governors

James Bullard
St. Louis

William C. Dudley
New York

Charles L. Evans

Stanley Fischer
Vice Chairman
Board of Governors

Esther L. George
Kansas City

Patrick T. Harker

Robert S. Kaplan

Neel Kashkari

Jeffrey M. Lacker

Dennis P. Lockhart

Loretta J. Mester

Jerome H. Powell
Board of Governors

Eric S. Rosengren

Daniel K. Tarullo
Board of Governors

John C. Williams
San Francisco

Janet L. Yellen
Board of Governors

Recent Public Remarks

2/4/2016 (5:00 PM ET)  Pres. Mester, Speech, Market News International, in New York, N.Y.: A Monetary Policymaker's Lexicon 

2/4/2016 (2:15 AM ET)  Pres. Rosengren, Speech, BCBS-FSI High-level Meeting for Africa on "Strengthening Financial Sector Supervision and Current Regulatory Priorities," in Cape Town, South Africa.: Progress on Addressing 'Too Big To Fail' 

2/2/2016 (1:00 PM ET)  Pres. George, Speech, Central Exchange in Kansas City, Mo.: The U.S. Outlook and Monetary Policy 

2/1/2016 (1:00 PM ET)  Vice Chairman Fischer, Speech, C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics, Council on Foreign Relations, in New York, N.Y.: Recent Monetary Policy 

1/28/2016  Pres. Kaplan, Q&A, Dallas Morning News: Point Person: Our Q&A with Rob Kaplan, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 

1/14/2016 (9:15 AM ET)  Pres. Bullard, Presentation, Memphis Economic Club, Memphis, Tenn.: Oil Prices, Inflation and U.S. Monetary Policy

1/13/2016 (8:00 AM ET)  Pres. Rosengren, Speech, Greater Boston Chamber’s Government Affairs Forum in Boston, Mass.: Early Observations on Gradual Monetary Policy Normalization 

1/12/2016 (3:15 PM ET)  Pres. Lacker, Speech, South Carolina Business & Industry Political Education Committee in Columbia, S.C.: Economic Outlook, January 2016 

1/11/2016 (5:50 PM ET)  Pres. Kaplan, Speech, Dallas chapters of Financial Executives International, the Association for Corporate Growth and the National Association of Corporate Directors, in Dallas, Texas.: Economic Conditions and Monetary Policy in a Changing World 

1/11/2016 (12:40 PM ET)  Pres. Lockhart, Speech, Rotary Club of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga.: Post-Liftoff, Peering into 2016 

1/8/2016 (1:00 PM ET)  Pres. Lacker, Speech, Maryland Bankers Association in Baltimore, Md. : Economic Outlook, January 2016 

1/8/2016 (11:30 AM ET)  Pres. Williams, Speech, California Bankers Association in Santa Barbara, Calif.: After the First Rate Hike 

1/7/2016 (2:15 PM ET)  Pres. Evans, Speech, Wisconsin Economic Forecast Luncheon before the Wisconsin Bankers Association, in Madison, Wis.: Connecting the Dots on Monetary Policy 

1/7/2016 (8:45 AM ET)  Pres. Lacker, Speech, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce in Raleigh, N.C.: Economic Outlook, January 2016 

1/6/2016 (8:33 AM ET)  Vice Chairman Fischer, Transcript, CNBC's "Squawk Box": CNBC Exclusive: CNBC Transcript: Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer Speaks with CNBC’s Steve Liesman on “Squawk Box” Today 

1/4/2016 (1:07 PM ET)  Pres. Mester, Video Interview, Bloomberg TV's "Bloomberg Markets": Is China a Significant Economic Risk? 

1/4/2016 (11:12 AM ET)  Pres. Williams, Transcript, CNBC's "Squawk Alley": Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President John Williams Speaks to CNBC’s Steve Liesman on “Squawk Alley” Today 

1/3/2016  Pres. Mester, Speech, National Association for Business Economics/American Economic Association Meetings, in San Francisco, Calif.: The U.S. Economy and Monetary Policy 

1/3/2016  Vice Chairman Fischer, Speech, Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association, in San Francisco, Calif.: Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, and the Zero Lower Bound 

12/18/2015  Gov. Powell, Transcript, Marketplace: A conversation with a Federal Reserve Governor 


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