Sweet Potato Pie Lesson for Grades 3-4

Sweet Potato Pie Lesson book cover

Third- and fourth-grade teachers, use this lesson for the book Sweet Potato Pie to help students learn about production, specialization, and division of labor. By reading the book and participating in the activities, students will learn how specialization and division of labor contribute to increased productivity. Your students will discuss examples of these concepts from the book, then develop their own by reading about general stores, comparing them with modern-day general merchandise stores, and examining factory products. As an assessment, students choose a good and compare how the good was produced in the past with how it is produced today. The lesson assumes that students have already learned about natural, human, and capital resources and that they can define and give examples of each. The lesson builds on that understanding and has readings and strategies that align with Common Core State Standards. It allows you to integrate economics into language arts and complements students' history studies.

•  Lesson (pdf)

This lesson plan is designed for teaching grades 3 and 4.

Book written by Kathleen D. Lindsey / ISBN-13: 978-160060-277-1

This book is available on https://www.bookshare.org/cms/ for free to schools and students with reading barriers.

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Education Level: Pre-K-5
Subjects: History Literature
Concepts: Productivity
Resource Types: Lesson
Languages: English
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