Something from Nothing Supplemental Math Activity for Grades 1-2

Something from Nothing book cover

After listening to the story Something from Nothing, students use tangrams to create Joseph’s blanket and the various items Grandpa makes from the blanket. They identify the opportunity cost of each item they create. Students fill in a graph to classify shapes according to defining attributes and color and then interpret the data.

•  Activity (pdf)

•  Whiteboard (SMART/notebook)

This lesson can be used alone or as a supplement to the Something from Nothing lesson.

This activity is designed for teaching grades 1 and 2.

Book written by Phoebe Gilman / ISBN: 978-0-590-47280-7.


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Education Level: Pre-K-5
Subjects: Literature Economics Mathematics STEM
Concepts: Decision-Making Opportunity Cost
Resource Types: Activity Lesson SMART/Promethean/Whiteboard
Languages: English
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