No-Frills Money Skills Video Series

The No-Frills Money Skills video series covers a variety of personal finance topics. The brief videos use clear, simple language, and graphic elements so that viewers can better visualize the personal finance content being presented. In the end, they will see how important these concepts are to their everyday lives.

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Get Into Stocks
Discussion questions (pdf)

Through the story of a local ice-cream cart owner trying to expand her business, students learn about the process by which companies become publicly owned and traded by issuing stock. Students learn key terms, such as capital gains and dividends, and discover how the prices of stocks are affected by how successful a company is in its respective industry.

Growing Money - Compound Interest
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Discussion questions (pdf)

In this episode, economic education specialist Kris Bertelsen explains compound interest, or "Growing Money."

Insurance: Protecting Yourself from Damage

This episode begins with examples of activities with varying amounts of risk and introduces insurance, explaining how it is used to transfer or reduce risk. With a story about a homeowner, students learn several key insurance related concepts and terms.

Mutual Benefit

Discussion questions (pdf)
In this episode, students learn what investment companies are and how mutual funds work. The video shows the difference between savings and investing and the importance of understanding risk versus reward.

Soft Skills

This video stresses the importance of academic preparedness and introduces soft skills and professionalism. By viewing examples using several workplace scenarios, students learn the about the importance of soft skills in the workplace, including communication, cooperation, professionalism, work ethic, and many others. Students learn several key concepts about interviewing for, obtaining, and keeping a job.

Understanding Bonds
Discussion questions (pdf)

In this episode, the video host employs high-tech tools to foil Miss Information in her attempts to misguide investors. The video provides viewers with information about government bonds, corporate bonds, coupon and non-coupon bonds, and the potential risk and return of investments.

Understanding Car Insurance: Paving the Way

This three-part episode uses a radio talk show format to explain various aspects of car insurance. From the responses to questions from callers, students learn several key concepts and terms related to car insurance. The content for these videos was reviewed by members of the Missouri Insurance Education Foundation.

Ways to Save - 401(k) and Roth 401(k)
Discussion questions (pdf)

In this episode, students learn that it is important to save for college, cars, retirement, and the unexpected. The video also explains the difference between a 401(k) and a Roth 401(k).


This video series received the 2015 Curriculum Silver Award from the National Association of Economic Educators.
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