Monetary Policy Online Module for Non-educators

Inflation, unemployment, recession, economic growth—these economic concepts affect people in very real ways. In this module containing three interactive, thought-provoking lessons, you will learn about monetary policy, the avenue by which the Federal Reserve System attempts to influence the economy.

Graphs compliments of FRED.

Note: The Federal Reserve’s policy tools have changed. Prior to 2008, the Fed used open market operations as its primary tool for adjusting the federal funds rate. Today, the Fed uses interest on reserves as its primary tool. This module largely reflects the tools the Federal Reserve used to implement monetary policy before 2008.

To learn about the Fed’s current tools, use The Fed’s New Monetary Policy Tools Online Module for Non-educators.

And be sure to check out our Teaching the New Tools of Monetary Policy webpage to learn more about the Fed’s policy tools.

Teachers: Learn more and preview the module for teachers and students.


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Education Level: Non-educators
Subjects: Economics
Concepts: Money Monetary Policy Unemployment Government Programs
Resource Types: Online Module
Languages: English
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