Exploring Sources: Mapping Data Sources on the Web

Students learn how to analyze a research question by identifying its component subtopics through a concept mapping exercise. They watch a short demonstration of the concept mapping process and apply it to the class topic. In small groups, students identify stakeholders related to one of the subtopics identified. They then locate sample reports or datasets created by stakeholders and record their findings on the concept map, ending with a class discussion of their findings.

Objectives of this lesson:

Students will be able to

  • divide complex research concepts into subtopics; and
  • identify relevant, authoritative, information sources for a research topic or question.

Compelling Question:

How can researchers identify and retrieve information relevant to a topic or question?

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Education Level: 9-12 College Non-educators
Subjects: Economics Data Literacy
Concepts: Decision-Making Economy
Resource Types: Charts/Graphs Data Lesson Website Activity Tutorial Instructional Guide
Languages: English
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