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Dodd-Frank Regulatory Reform Rules

On Monday, May 5, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis launched a new and improved site, which will no longer be limited to regulations implementing the Dodd-Frank Act. Visitors can go to the new Federal Banking Regulations web site at www.stlouisfed.org/federal-banking-regulations to obtain comprehensive listing and status updates for banking- and consumer-related rules for agencies that are involved in regulating financial institutions. The new site includes the current Dodd-Frank rules from this site. However, please be aware this webpage will no longer be updated as of May 5.

Dodd-Frank Act Regulatory Reform Rules

A resource for tracking the process of adopting rules to implement the Dodd-Frant Act

Track the progress of proposals and rules written by various federal agencies implementing the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

How to Use This Site:

The four main rulemaking status sections feature a sortable column referencing the applicable section(s) in the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA Section). There is also a "Topic" column that categorizes each rule by subject matter. E-mail notification alerts, which provide a brief description and links to recent postings, are also available. Subscribe now.

Latest Dodd-Frank Act Updates:  This shows the most recent rule activity regardless of status, and is generated by the site's RSS feed. Older Dodd-Frank Act rule activity can be found by status via the navigation tabs.

Open for Comment: In this section, view all the proposed rules that are open for comment, and also find out how to submit comments to the respective agency(ies).

Proposed: This section lists Dodd-Frank Act rules that have been proposed.

Interim Final: This section lists all rules that, while having the full force and effect of law, can still undergo further study or comment before being finalized.

Final: This section lists final Dodd-Frank Act rules, and includes effective or mandatory compliance dates.

Resources: Links to various rule writing agencies involved in implementing the Dodd-Frank Act. Includes a glossary for easy reference as well as a quick tutorial on how a rule is made.

Questions or suggestions? Contact: regreformrules@stls.frb.org

Please Note: This web site is designed to serve as a resource for tracking significant rules issued by federal regulatory agencies. While the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis updates the site daily, the updates correlate with official publication in the Federal Register. For convenience, the updates include links to online copies of the published rules, as well as to the web sites of the respective federal agency or agencies. While the site attempts to capture all major rulemakings, it does not include all proposals, studies and reports; for example, Federal Register notices pertaining to DFA-related meetings, roundtable discussions, data collections, studies, reports, and similar matters ancillary to core issues addressed in the Act.

Latest Updates


FHFA - Supplemental Order regarding publication of stress testing results. (FINAL RULE)


SEC - Proposed rule establishing recordkeeping, reporting, and notification requirements for security-based swap dealers and major security-based swap participants. (OPEN FOR COMMENT)


FDIC / FRS / OCC - Joint final rule establishing enhanced supplementary leverage ratio standards for large banking organizations. (FINAL RULE)


FDIC / FRS / OCC - Joint notice of proposed rulemaking revising the definition of eligible guarantee under the advanced approaches risk-based capital rule. (OPEN FOR COMMENT)


FDIC / FRS / OCC - Joint notice of proposed rulemaking to revise leverage ratio. (OPEN FOR COMMENT)


NCUA - Proposed rule amending NCUA's chartering and field of membership rules. (OPEN FOR COMMENT)


NCUA - Final rule requiring capital plans and annual stress tests of certain federally insured credit unions. (FINAL RULE)


OCC - Proposed rule to increase assessment rates for certain national banks and Federal savings associations. (OPEN FOR COMMENT)


CFPB - Proposed rule to extend disclosure and error resolution requirements for remittance transfers (Regulation E). (OPEN FOR COMMENT)


FDIC - Proposed rule to rescind and amend FDIC regulations regarding administrative hearings. (OPEN FOR COMMENT)


FDIC - Proposed rule to rescind and amend FDIC rules concerning securities of State savings associations. (OPEN FOR COMMENT)

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