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The Regional Economist is a quarterly publication aimed at an engaged, nonacademic audience. This publication addresses the regional, national and international economic issues of the day.

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January 2008

Stable Prices, Stable Economy: Keeping Inflation in Check Must Be No. 1 Goal of Monetary Policymakers

Conventional wisdom holds that if policymakers are too focused on controlling inflation, then employment, output growth and financial stability will suffer. But the conventional wisdom is wrong, according to the data.

Clearing the Haze? New Evidence on the Economic Impact of Smoking Bans

When smoking bans were debated in the past, the economic costs were seldom considered. But that’s changing, as studies reveal the costs being paid by bars, restaurants and casinos, as well as by employees of these establishments.

Splitsville: The Economics of Unilateral Divorce

New studies have looked at the impact of easier divorce on everything from women working outside the home to children’s education to spousal violence.

President's Message: Bailing Out the Markets Is Not a Goal of Fed Policy

Community Profile: Town and Gown: In This Southern Illinois Hub, They Are Now “Tied at the Hip”

National Overview: Walking a Tightrope into 2008

District Overview: District Fares Better Than Nation as Housing Market Crumbles

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