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The Regional Economist is a quarterly publication aimed at an engaged, nonacademic audience. This publication addresses the regional, national and international economic issues of the day.

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October 2014

Rockets and Feathers: Why Don't Gasoline Prices Always Move in Sync with Oil Prices?

Given that Americans still spend a considerable portion of their budget on gasoline (just under 4 percent in 2012), it’s important to understand why gas prices don’t always move in sync with oil prices. The latter are determined in a more-or-less centralized market, but the market for gas is often local, with prices affected by location, season and taxes, among other factors.

Food Prices and Inflation in China and the U.S. Are Following Similar Paths

A look at food prices in the two countries helps to explain the increasing correlation in their inflation patterns. One reason why their food prices are moving together is the increased trade between the countries.

Looking at Recessions through a Different Lens

Traditionally, research about recessions focused on the big picture—how the overall economy was performing. But recent economic studies have looked at the impact on specific groups. One of the interesting findings is that the highest earners are, by some measures, the most affected by recessions.

President's Message: A Mismatch: Close to Macroeconomic Goals, Far from Normal Monetary Policy

Credit to Noncorporate Businesses Remains Tight

Terrorism: A Threat to Foreign Direct Investment

National Overview: Optimism Prevails as GDP Snaps Back from Q1 Decline

District Overview: Buying Power of Minimum Wage Varies across and within States

Metro Profile: Manufacturing Shares the Stage with Service Sectors in Jackson, Tenn.

Reader Exchange: Ask An Economist