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Bridges is a quarterly review of regional community and economic development issues, projects and regulatory changes for practitioners from community-based organizations, as well as for Community Reinvestment Act officers, academics and government officials.

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Winter 2013-2014

Family Scholar House: Educational Program Breaks Cycle of Poverty for Single Parents in Louisville

St. Louis Fed Senior Community Development Specialist Faith Weekly introduces readers to a program that is changing lives for single parents enrolled in college.

Insight Park: Visioning for the Future of Oxford and Ole Miss

Oxford, Miss., is home to an innovative research and business park that may have a big economic impact on Ole Miss and the city – job creation.

CDAC Spotlight: Charter School Anchors St. Louis Neighborhood Revitalization

IFF’s CEO explains how the opening of KIPP Inspire Academy has built momentum and renewal in St. Louis’ Fox Park neighborhood.

Anchor Institutions in the Mississippi Delta: Mapping Relationships Between Community Anchors and Socioeconomic Indicators

Learn about the effects of anchor institutions in an area with some of the highest poverty and unemployment rates in the nation.

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