Why Are Economists Unconcerned about Foreign Investment in the United States?

foreign investmentThere are at least three reasons critics might be concerned regarding foreign investment in the United States. Economists aren’t usually concerned with two of them, and the third is up to Americans to address.

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How Was Recovery Act Money Spent on Labor?

american recovery and reinvestment actProponents of fiscal stimulus to combat unemployment argue that purchasing additional goods and services would cause firms to hire more workers or save others about to be fired. But who ultimately received the stimulus money: those with jobs in danger or lost, or those with “safe” jobs getting a little extra pay or overtime?

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Why the St. Louis Fed Focuses on Academic Research

homer jones and leonall andersenThe St. Louis Fed’s Research division mostly engages in academic research—in which economists identify and pursue questions on their own—rather than directed research—in which economists are asked to answer a specific question.

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Farmland Values Up, Farm Income Down in Eighth District

agricultural conditionsAmidst another bumper fall harvest and a drop in grain prices, Eighth District agricultural bankers reported a sharp decline in farm income expectations for the third quarter of 2014 compared with the previous year. In contrast, lenders reported a rise in farmland and ranchland values.

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Fewer Younger, Richer Households Have Negative Home Equity

negative household equityOverall, the share of households with negative equity in their homes declined from 2010 to 2013. However, breaking down shares by income and age shows that not all groups had the same experiences.

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