Three Faces of Inflation: U.S., Japan and the Eurozone

inflationThe U.S., Japan and the eurozone have all had inflation of less than 2 percent of late. However, the underlying trends in the areas are different, as may be the causes of the low inflation.

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What Does Money Velocity Tell Us about Low Inflation in the U.S.?

money velocityAccording to the quantity theory of money, inflation should have been more than 30 percent per year from 2008 through 2013, if the velocity of money was constant. So why has inflation remained persistently low?

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Despite Aggressive Deleveraging, Generation X Remains “Generation Debt”

generation x debtIn the years leading up to the financial crisis of 2007-09, members of Generation X were the most aggressive borrowers. When compared with the debt levels of other generations at the same age, they also had notably higher debt levels even after significant deleveraging over the past few years.

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How the Fed’s Regional Structure Affects Monetary Policy

eighth districtThe Fed’s regional structure helps to ensure that views and perspectives from around the country are accounted for when discussing monetary policy.

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The Link between Default and Depreciation

Argentina defaultAfter Argentina’s recent default, the Argentine peso fell considerably. What causes these two events to be linked?

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