Obstacles and Potential Opportunities for Economic Growth in India

indiaThe “Ask an Economist” section in the most recent issue of The Regional Economist discusses two main obstacles and several opportunities for economic growth in India.

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St. Louis Fed’s GeoFRED Receives Several Enhancements

geofredGeoFRED, part of the St. Louis Fed’s FRED family, now features a new homepage and user interface. In addition, users can now map international data series that are available in FRED.

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Mutual Fund Flows and Investor Behavior

mutual fund flowsThe movement of investors into and out of mutual funds, and the type of funds they are buying and selling, is important for several reasons. These mutual fund flows show that investors have been taking more risk with their portfolios in the first half of 2014.

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Beige Book: All Federal Reserve Districts Report Expanded Economic Activity

beige bookAll 12 Federal Reserve Districts indicated that economic activity continued to expand since the previous report. St. Louis was one of seven Federal Reserve banks to report modest expansion, with the remaining five banks describing moderate growth in their Districts. Recent reports of planned activity in manufacturing and services in the St. Louis District have been positive on net.

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The Effects of Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits

unemployment insurance benefitsLonger benefits may reduce unemployed workers’ job search efforts, decreasing their likelihood of becoming re-employed.

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