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St. Louis Fed President James Bullard

October 2014

"A Mismatch: Close to Macroeconomic Goals, Far from Normal Monetary Policy"

In The Regional Economist, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard noted that the Federal Open Market Committee's macroeconomic goals are close to being met, whereas current monetary policy settings are far from normal. While this mismatch is not currently causing macroeconomic problems, he said it may cause problems in the years ahead as the economy continues to expand.


Oct. 2, 2014

"The FOMC: Ahead on Results, Behind on Rates"

With the FOMC's QE3 program coming to an end, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard compared expectations at the time it was launched in September 2012 with actual outcomes. During an event in Tupelo, Miss., he noted that the U.S. economy has outperformed what the FOMC expected two years ago but that the policy rate normalization process remains far behind the schedule laid out at that time. He interprets this as a degree of patience on the part of the FOMC with respect to policy rate liftoff.

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