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Featured Resources: New This Spring!

Page One Economics

The Page One Economics Newsletter provides a simple, short overview of an economic issue. The Teacher’s Guide includes student questions and a teacher answer key, plus additional resources and lesson ideas for classroom, extra credit, or make-up assignments. You can subscribe via RSS feed.

“Investing in Yourself: An Economic Approach to Education Decisions”

“Human capital” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about investments, but investing in education and training is an important economic decision. Learn about human capital and the return on such an investment in the February 2013 Page One Economics Newsletter,  “Investing in Yourself: An Economic Approach to Education Decisions.”

“FAFSA, Demystified”

You asked for it! On the heels of our incredibly popular Personal Finance 101 chats that take a line-by-line approach to explaining the 1040EZ and W-4 forms, we’re in the process of developing the same approach for the FAFSA. Students will have the opportunity to walk through a simulation of the form with a detailed description of each field and their required actions in each section. Keep your eyes peeled for “FAFSA, Demystified” this summer!

Get Credit Cred—Now!

Credit is a powerful consumer tool that can help establish a firm financial footing when used wisely. When misused, though, credit can be the source of financial frustration. In our new online Credit Cred course, high school students and consumers alike will get the nitty gritty on how to build strong credit, avoid common credit pitfalls, read and monitor credit reports, and repair damaged credit. There’s even a section devoted to credit scores and how they’re determined.  Build credit cred with this fun, fast-paced online course!

Enhanced to Meet the Common Core State Standards—Lessons Using Children’s Literature

Lessons accompanying popular children’s books are available on our website and are being enhanced to meet Common Core State Standards.  The enhancements include redesigned SMARTBoard and ActivInspire files.  Recently revised lessons include A Chair for My Mother, Beatrice’s Goat, Glo Goes Shopping, The Pickle Patch Bathtub, Meet Kit, and Uncle Jed’s Barbershop.  

Glossary Additions

The addition of new terms brings our glossary to more than 325 definitions in economics and personal finance.  Guide your students to our glossary to define those mystery terms.  If you don’t find a term, let us know and we’ll add it.