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Featured Resources: Econ Ed Live!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Story of Unemployment online course teaches students the answer to these questions: How is unemployment calculated? Why might people become unemployed? What can be done to get people back to work? Students also explore how education will help them avoid unemployment in the future. Enroll your students in the two-hour course today at

Two St. Louis Fed Economic Lowdown podcasts complement this edition of Inside the Vault. Go to to access Episode 5: Unemployment and Episode 10: The Labor Market. Use this extra review to reinforce concepts already learned.

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Econ Ed Live! was honored with a 2011 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning magazine. Econ Ed Live! provides thoughtfully designed economic education for high school and college students and consumers through online courses, audio and video podcasts, interactive whiteboard lessons, downloadable lesson plans, and more.