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Featured Resources: The Economic Lowdown

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Economic Lowdown is a podcast series for high school students produced by the Economic Education department of the St. Louis Fed. The series covers topics in economics, personal finance, banking, and monetary policy.

Currently, there are seven episodes available: Opportunity Cost, Factors of Production, The Role of Self-Interest and Competition in a Market Economy, Inflation, Unemployment, Demand, and Supply. Market Equilibrium will be added this spring, with more episodes to follow.

Everyone needs to hear things more than once - and review is always helpful. So if your students need some reinforcement of concepts you’ve taught, they can download and listen to economic content on the bus, in the car, or walking to class on exam day.

The Economic Lowdown is available on the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ website,, and on iTunes.