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Economics and Children’s Literature Lessons: Economics for the Elementary Grades

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis offers new online children’s literature lessons written by members of the Federal Reserve economic education staff. Each lesson is written in an easy-to-follow format that includes a brief description of the lesson, a listing of the economic concepts to be taught, the appropriate age level, estimated time required, materials needed, objectives and step-by-step procedures for teaching the lesson. Additionally, each lesson is correlated with the National Voluntary Content Standards in Economics and National Standards in Personal Finance. The lessons include active-learning exercises and are downloadable from the web site. Most lessons include SMART Board™ applications, which can also be downloaded from the web site.

The lessons can be downloaded at:

Economic educators at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis offer workshops on Economics and Children’s Literature.


For information contact:

Little Rock: Billy Britt,
Louisville: Caryn Rossiter,
Memphis: Jeannette Bennett,
St. Louis: Barbara Flowers,

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