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Monday, October 1, 2012

Economic Lowdown Podcast SeriesGrades 3-5

Meet Kit:  An American Girl

This lesson with SMART™ Board application complements the book, Meet Kit: An American Girl.  Students listen to the story about a young girl’s life in America during the Great Depression.  They learn through discussion and role-playing about the impact that unemployment and reduced consumer and business spending can have on people’s lives.  (Book written by Valerie Tripp / ISBN: 1-58485-016-7)


Grades 6-12

Are you looking for a lesson that features an active demonstration, primary sources, data, and current events. Look no further.  What Is Unemployment, How Is It Measured, and Why Does the Fed Care? features all of these.  Students participate in an activity to determine who makes up the labor force and who the unemployed are.  They then use the data generated to learn how the unemployment rate is calculated.  Next, they read and interpret maps that contain actual unemployment data.  They compare verbal descriptions for the labor market from the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book with the mapped data.  They look at mapped data from other years and write descriptions to represent the data like those they read in the Beige Book.


Grades 9-12

The Story of Unemployment online course teaches students the answer to these questions:  How is unemployment calculated?  Why might people become unemployed? What can be done to get people back to work?

Students also explore how education will help them avoid unemployment in the future. Enroll your students in the two-hour course today at

Two St. Louis Fed Economic Lowdown podcasts complement this edition of Inside the Vault. Go to Economic Lowdown Podcast Series to access Episode 5: Unemployment and Episode 10: The Labor Market. Use this extra review to reinforce concepts already learned.