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Featured Resources

For High School

Podcasts and Video Companions

Look for video companions to selected "Economic Lowdown" podcasts: "Supply" is available now; "Demand" and "Market Equilibrium" will be available by year end.

Online Courses

"Comparative Advantage": Superhero Jack of All Trades can produce everything better and faster (he has absolute advantage). A thorough and humorous explanation of comparative advantage reveals that Jack and a business partner can each specialize and produce more together.

"Personal Finance 101 – Chats": These chats feature topics presented as instant-messaging exchanges between customers and financial experts, parents and children, friends and family. New topics include payday loans, rent-to-own agreements, and prepaid cards.


For Middle School and High School

"Soar to Savings": Teaches benefits of personal saving, the Rule of 72, tips for saving, the difference between bonds and stocks, the relationship between risk and return, and the impact of saving on the economy as a whole. Through true-to-life savings and lending scenarios, Fred the Frugal Eagle, the St. Louis Fed mascot, playfully tests students' knowledge.


For Elementary School

Seven new economics and children's literature lessons available now.

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