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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Just Sign Here: Bottom-Line Personal Finance Myths

Grade Level: 8-12 | PDF, 28 pgs.

Consumers must make many financial decisions, from basic spending and saving to complex investment choices and retirement planning. What does an individual need to do or know to be financially literate? At a minimum, consumers must be able to keep track of their cash resources and their payment obligations, and they must know how to apply for a loan. This lesson helps students develop a basic understanding of credit and the importance of a credit history. Students will learn how a credit history affects their lives. From the Inside the Vault article, "Just Sign Here: Bottom-Line Personal Finance Myths."


Cards, Cars and Currency

Cards, Cars and Currency is a curriculum unit that challenges students to become involved in three specific areas of personal finance: credit cards, debit cards and purchasing a car. The unit is divided into five lesson plans. The activities in each lesson plan are designed to address problem-solving, critical-thinking and higher levels of learning, using real-world scenarios.