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Lesson Plan

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Employment Growth in America

Grade Level: 9-12 | PDF, 12 pgs.

Employment growth is one of the most fundamental aspects of a strong economy. Yet not all jobs are created equal. Some pay generously and offer desirable working conditions, while others do not. The study, "Employment Growth in America," by Christopher H. Wheeler, a St. Louis Fed economist, suggests that the nature of jobs held by workers influences economic and social outcomes. Cities that experience rapid growth in high-wage employment also tend to see increasing incomes throughout the entire labor market, not just among those who happen to hold high-paying jobs. In addition, the growth of high-paying employment is associated with lower rates of crime, higher property values and rising educational levels. This lesson shows that increasing human capital is important to the economy. From the Inside the Vault article, "Employment Growth in America: What Determines Good Jobs?"