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Regional Roundup

Sunday, January 1, 2006

AMI Transition Successful

If you want check information, you need to talk to AMI. In November, the Eighth District completed the year-long transition in the way customers receive check supplemental information. The Federal Reserve System has eliminated check supplemental statements, making the Account Management Information (AMI) application the centralized online repository for all accounting-related information.

The Eighth District customer accounting staff has been working with 650 customers throughout the year to ensure a smooth transition; the project is known as the "Check into AMI" transition. Check information—which was previously provided though check advices and statements of check activity—can now be found via the AMI application on either FedLine Web® or FedLine Advantage®.

Alternatively, some customers also receive check supplemental information from their correspondents.

The Check into AMI initiative has proven to be successful as customers use AMI and access information from various Federal Reserve banks in a more consistent and timely format. Thanks to all the customers who have participated in this effort. Read more about AMI at

Fed Now Offers E-mail Check Alerts

If a storm knocks out power to a city that processes your checks, or a computer system hiccups, wouldn't you want to know quickly if there will be a problem in check operations?

St. Louis, Little Rock and Memphis check customers can now receive e-mail notifications regarding significant events impacting their institutions, such as delays in check cash letter presentments because of weather or system problems. The new program improves the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' ability to effectively and efficiently communicate day-to-day issues of check operations.

If you're interested in receiving these e-mails alerts, contact the Eighth District Check Front Office at 1-866-433-3227 and ask for an E-mail Contact Information Form.

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