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System Introduces Several New FedLine Services

Tuesday, January 1, 2002

During the last half of 2002, several innovative services became available on FedLine® for the Web:

DTF Archive: In November, the Fed implemented the Documents-To-Follow (DTF) Archive. The DTF Archive is an electronic adjustments database containing images of documents such as checks. Now, adjustment cases and all supporting documentation are stored in one location. In addition to facilitating adjustment research and resolution process online, the DTF Archive also gives web customers online access to 12 months of historical adjustment activity.

FedACH? Information Services: Introduced earlier this fall, FedACH Information Services enables institutions to track, research and account for their FedACH activity via the web. This service encompasses the information-gathering functions available on DOS-based FedLine but with greater functionality and flexibility. Navigation is improved, data are easier to find and information is accessible to more customers.

FedImage? Services: This fall, FedImage Services, a product suite that provides institutions with a total image management solution, became available in Louisville and Little Rock. In 2003, FedImage services will be rolled out in St. Louis and Memphis.

For more information on these services or FedLine for the Web, contact your account executive or visit

"FedLine" is a registered trademark of the Federal Reserve banks.

"FedACH" and "FedImage" are service marks of the Federal Reserve banks.