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Keep Track of All Payments Info at Check Image Central

Sunday, July 1, 2007

As the nation's payments system continues to move away from paper-based check processing to more efficient forms of payments, you can keep track of all the latest electronic alternatives and Check 21 information in one place.

The new Check Image Central web site contains the latest Check 21 industry adoption updates, industry and operational practices, rules and regulations, consumer information, related links, and more. The Electronic Check Clearing House Organization and the Fed's Retail Payments Office designed the site to be applicable to a wide audience.

Check Image Central is a one-stop resource created to raise awareness, provide industry-driven education, and promote the benefits of and encourage best practices for image exchange and Check 21. Representatives of trade and financial organizations from across the country worked the past two years to identify and share information on check image clearing that will help financial institutions understand and successfully implement image exchange.

Visit Check Image Central at