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St. Louis Fed's Branching Out Initiative Hits Web

Saturday, July 1, 2006

When the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis started expanding its community outreach efforts in the Eighth District, as part of the Branching Out Initiative, the Bank also turned its attention toward cyberspace. Our three branch offices—Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis—now have their own web pages on the Bank's web site.

The pages are designed to be a gateway to the Fed in the branch communities. In addition to information about each branch, content includes:

  • messages from the branch executives and links to articles by Fed economists;
  • links to the Fed in Your Community, which includes summaries of conferences, workshops and speeches you may have missed;
  • newly released publications;
  • schedules of activities such as economic education workshops and community development events;
  • handy links to regional economic data, including a direct link to FRED® (Federal Reserve Economic Data); and
  • contact information for branch staff and board members.

"These pages are an excellent resource for people seeking information about our branches," says Randy Sumner, vice president of Public and Community Affairs at the St. Louis Fed. "We plan to continue adding content in the months ahead."

The three branch pages are found at: