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Regional Roundup

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Fed Reports Highlight Economic Education and Branching Out

Making the right economic decisions can be tough—and could be even more of a challenge for the next generation of adults. That's why economic education, the topic of the St. Louis Fed's 2005 annual report, is a critical part of the Federal Reserve's mission.

The report, titled Feducation: How the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' economic education programs are shaping today's minds and tomorrow's economy, discusses why economic education is important and how the St. Louis Fed plays a key role through its programs, seminars and materials. Education experts, teachers, students and Fed employees share their perspectives on the topic.

The report is available at under the Publications link. To order additional print copies, call 1-800-333-0810, ext. 44-8809.

The St. Louis Fed will also be releasing a report to the community summarizing our Branching Out efforts to date. At our Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis branches, as well as at our St. Louis headquarters, we're devoted to economic research, community development and economic education. The report will provide an overview of programs that are redefining how the St. Louis Fed sees its communities and how our communities view us. Release details will be given in the next issue of Central Banker and on

Fed To Discontinue PATAX Voice Response, DOS-Based FedLine

As of September, PATAX Voice Response and DOS-based FedLine will no longer be available for TT&L services. Customers that previously used them for reporting their institution's tax deposits and managing their TT&L assets will need to convert to Treasury Tax and Loan (TT&L) Plus before that time.

The Fed decided to move away from DOS and the voice response system a few years ago because the technology is outdated and because web-based applications are much more flexible and convenient to use.

The conversion process for TT&L only takes a few weeks. There is no fee or additional equipment for the service.

TT&L Plus users can enter Advices of Credit (AOCs), review an account status and request reports on the web.

For more information about TT&L or to start your conversion process, visit and click on Access Treasury Services at the top of the page. For more information, contact the TT&L Treasury Support Center (TSC) at 1-888-568-7343