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Regional Roundup

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Fed Ceases Print Subscriptions for Data Publications

Beginning in January 2005, Monetary Trends, National Economic Trends and International Economic Trends will be available only in electronic form via our web site. Printed copies of these publications will continue to be mailed to all current print subscribers through the last issue of 2004. All subscribers may take advantage of the Research Division's e-mail notification system, which is a timely and flexible method for receiving updates to these publications.

For more information about how to subscribe to this system, visit If you have additional questions about print subscriptions for these data publications, contact the Research Division at

St. Louis Fed Releases Its 2003 Annual Report

The Eighth District's decision to consolidate cash and check business has dramatically changed the roles the branch offices will play and the value they will add to their communities. The Bank's 2003 annual report, Branching Out, examines how these decisions triggered the District to recommit itself to our branch communities by increasing intellectual resources and endeavors.

This year's annual report recently was mailed to District financial institutions. To order additional copies, contact Debbie Dawe at (314) 444-8809 or toll-free at 1-800-333-0809, ext. 44-8809. The report also is available on our web site,

Eighth District Leads Conversion to Actual Availability

The St. Louis Fed recently led the conversion to Actual Availability—new accounting practices for cross-district check deposits. Actual Availability gives banks that deposit checks with a non-local Fed office immediate credit for their deposits. The goal of this new service is to decrease reconcilement issues and help financial institutions reduce incorrect entries. Additionally, Actual Availability aligns the Fed's accounting practices with those of the private sector.

To view the Actual Availability Depositor Reference Guide, visit the national financial services web site: