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Regional Roundup

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

St. Louis Fed's Annual Report Now Available

The United States endured its third straight year of financial turbulence in 2002. Through it all, the roots of the U.S. financial system--the banking sector--remained deeply entrenched. The St. Louis Fed's 2002 annual report, "Financial Stability: Well-Rooted in U.S.," examines why the U.S. economy historically has been able to stand firm in the face of shocks and challenges that tend to destabilize other nations. The report also looks at the possibility of new threats to our economy that could require even more vigilance.

This year's report, which was recently mailed to District financial institutions, includes two new features: a message from management reviewing the St. Louis Fed's performance in 2002 and a "By the Numbers" section listing everything from the amount of hits on our web site to the number of cans of food our employees donated to charity.

To order additional copies, contact Debbie Dawe at (314) 444-8809, or toll-free at 1-800-333-0810, ext. 44-8809. The report is also available on the St. Louis Fed's web site at

One New Web Site, Another New Look

The Federal Reserve System has debuted one new web site and redesigned another existing site. The Fed's new personal financial education web site gives visitors quick and easy access to information and resources on a number of important financial topics, from understanding credit to building wealth. The site is part of the System's overall campaign to promote personal financial education. (See article in this issue.) You can find the new site at

The System also recently redesigned its national Financial Services site, giving it a new look and new features. The site now features more intuitive navigation, a helpful and accessible "Contact Us" link, and an updated, attractive design. Visit our redesigned site at