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Fed Discontinues Development of FedLine® for Windows NT®

Monday, July 1, 2002

Recently, the Federal Reserve System made the strategic decision to deliver all future financial services via web-based technologies. For this reason, the Fed has discontinued its development of FedLine® for the Windows NT® operating system.

The Fed shares the popular view that the future of the financial services industry relies on using state-of-the-art, web-based technologies. Ultimately, this direction will:

  • allow customers to have flexible access to payment transactions and information-system services;
  • enable us to adapt our products to quickly meet our customers' business needs; and
  • fulfill our customers' expectations for providing a secure mechanism whenever they conduct Fed business transactions.

Web-based payments products and services will be developed and introduced on a continuing basis. Currently, several applications are available through FedLine for the Web, including:

  • Account Management Information;
  • Cash Services,
  • select Check Services—such as check adjustments and check advice delivery—and
  • Service Charge Information.

In addition, Reporting and Reserves are available at

As the Fed makes the transition to providing a full suite of web-based information and transaction services, all of the financial services the Fed currently offers will continue to be available through our existing DOS FedLine product.

If you have any questions about the Fed's strategic direction, or if you would like more information about FedLine for the Web, please contact the Electronic Access Support department at 1-800-333-0861. Regularly updated information also appears on the National Financial Services web site,