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New $50 Bill to Roll Out Soon

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

In an effort to further reduce counterfeiting and make U.S. currency easier to recognize, the Treasury Department will issue a redesigned $50 note this fall. The new $50 is the second in the U.S. currency series to include enhanced security features; the redesigned $100 note was issued last year. As with the $100 note, $50 notes from the old series will continue to be honored at full face value while the new notes are being phased in Reserve Banks will retire the old notes as they are returned through the banking system.

Features of the new bill include:

  • a larger, off-center portrait of Ulysses S. Grant; a watermark to the right of the portrait;
  • color-shifting ink on the number that appears in the lower right-hand corner on the front of the bill;
  • fine concentric lines printed behind both the portrait and the building; and
  • an oversized "50" printed on the lower right-hand corner on the back of the note to accommodate people with low vision.

Features that have not changed include:

  • size of the bill;
  • ink colors; and
  • paper