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Tools: Check Services Consolidation Update

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As you undoubtedly know, the Federal Reserve System consolidated check services a final time late last year, and last month all St. Louis commercial paper check processing moved to the Atlanta Fed.

The St. Louis Fed’s check consolidation is now complete. For your staff’s information, here are some of the key contact numbers for Fed check services to keep in mind:

  • Atlanta Check Services Customer Support: 877-553-9735
  • Check Operations: 404-498-8659
  • Check Reconcilement: 404-498-8471
  • Check Transportation: 404-498-8626
  • Check 21 Operations (file and quality image issues): 404-498-7885
  • Adjustments Check 21 specialist: 904-632-1024

More check numbers, services and fees are available at and on the Atlanta Fed’s web site. And see here for any lingering questions about the consolidation.