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Fed Connects Bank Directors to Management Oversight Resources

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Corporate governance and director duties, training, data resources, publications, banking agencies—keeping track of these can be a chore. How would you like to access these in one place? The Federal Reserve has created the Resources for Bank Directors web site, a portal designed to assist you with numerous management oversight responsibilities. The Fed also has updated a helpful training course.

The site,, includes:

  • financial data for banks and bank holding companies;
  • examination manuals, regulation and supervisory letters issued by the Federal Reserve System, director training materials, speeches by members of the Board of Governors;
  • a calendar of Federal Reserve events; and
  • links to the web sites of other federal and state banking agencies.

The online bank director training course, Insights, has been updated. It introduces bank directors to corporate governance and director duties and responsibilities; covers basic bank financial analysis; and discusses the sources, control and monitoring of portfolio risks, including credit, liquidity and market risks.

Questions and comments regarding Resources for Bank Directors or Insights should be directed to Timothy Todd at the Kansas City Fed at 816-881-2308.