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St. Louis Fed Announces New Direction for Its Branches

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Mary Karr, senior vice president of Legal, Public and Community Affairs, has announced that the three current branch managers-Robert Hopkins of Little Rock, Thomas Boone of Louisville and Martha Perine Beard of Memphis-will remain at the helm of their respective branches after the Eighth District's Cash and Check Restructuring Initiatives are completed this year. As part of their new duties, the branch executives will participate in a new project team to establish a new model for expanding the District's community-oriented programs. The new Branching Out initiative will include such programs as economic education, community affairs, research, banking supervision and the recruitment of branch directors.

In the Feditorial on Page 2, Julie Stackhouse, senior vice president of Banking Supervision and Regulation, discusses how the District will expand its regulatory presence in Memphis later this year. Look for more information about how the St. Louis Fed will expand its community-oriented programs in the Bank's soon-to-be-released 2003 annual report and on the Bank's web site,