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Bankers Benefit from Electronic Distribution

Monday, April 1, 2002

More than 500 Eighth District customers have taken advantage of the St. Louis Fed's new Electronic Distribution (ED) service since it became available in early January. The following information now is available electronically:

  • changes to the federal funds target and discount rates,
  • regulatory information,
  • operating circulars,
  • cash and check services,
  • Electronic Access Support,
  • Electronic Payments,
  • services directories and holiday schedules,
  • supervisory bulletins,
  • bank holding company (BHC) and bank application press releases, and
  • weekly BHC and bank applications—public comment periods.

This new service will better serve District customers because it delivers information in real time. ED subscribers receive an e-mail notification that contains a link, which allows them to view and print the information from their computer screens.

ED subscribers should be aware that account management information and messages sent via FedLine are separate services. In addition, the Bank will not distribute any confidential information, such as examination materials, via ED.

We encourage customers who do not have Internet access to set up an account with an Internet service provider soon. Paper mailings for ED materials will cease Oct. 1, 2002. For more information, e-mail Tracie Mueller at or call her at (314) 444-8810, or 1-800-333-0810 ext. 44-8810. A list of frequently asked questions also can be found on our web site,