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Seasonal Credit Is Available for Community Banks

Sunday, April 1, 2001

The Federal Reserve offers Seasonal Credit to qualifying community banks to help them meet the seasonal needs of their local customers. Community financial institutions that experience yearly fluctuations in their deposits and loans—caused by construction, farming, college or resort activities, municipal financing and other seasonal businesses—frequently can qualify.

To qualify, a financial institution must:

  • Be in sound financial condition,
  • Meet the general requirements for the program, and
  • Complete an application that includes no more than three years of monthly deposits and loans.

All Federal Reserve loans must be secured to our satisfaction. We apply a flexible, market-based rate to all outstanding loans. A more detailed list and description of our program is available on request.

Seasonal Credit is another way financial institutions can meet their communities' peak seasonal funding requirements. For an application and a brochure that tells more about the program, or to obtain answers to any questions you may have about collateral or the borrowing relationship, please contact anyone in our Credit office. You may contact us by calling either 1-800-333-0810, extensions 4-8316, 4-8769 or 4-8622, or (314) 444-8316, 444-8769 or 444-8622.