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Feditorial: Customer Service—Taking It a Step Further!


W. LeGrande Rives
Sunday, April 1, 2001

Not too long ago, the Federal Reserve gathered information from a sampling of customers and constituents about customer service. Frankly, when we saw our District's results, we were disappointed. While we received many examples and comments regarding good and excellent service experiences, we also received examples of inconsistent service. For instance, you told us that sometimes:

  • It was hard to reach the right person in our organization,
  • We make promises we don't deliver,
  • We could answer your questions better, and
  • We could resolve your problems more quickly.

We are not satisfied with that level of service. Our goal is to consistently provide exemplary service, and we plan to step up to the plate and make service improvements. We want our staff to be knowledgeable about all aspects of our business and competent in resolving your problems, as well as helpful, professional and courteous.

As a result, we have initiated a Customer Service Program that is designed to improve all aspects of Eighth District customer service. Jean Lovati, a vice president with extensive experience leading strategic Federal Reserve projects and service groups, will manage this program office. I have asked Jean and her team to aggressively pursue changes that will make a difference in our relationship with our customers and constituents. Currently, we are:

  • Developing new training for all staff members who frequently interact with you,
  • Examining how we communicate with you—use of toll-free numbers, ease and usefulness of our web site, how we answer the telephone, etc., and
  • Distributing a redesigned Services Directory that will put you directly in contact with the right people who can answer your question—with a "can do" attitude.

You will begin seeing these changes during the second quarter. We also will be asking for your feedback because we expect our improvements to continue as we continuously look for ways to provide consistent, exemplary service.