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Fed Changing Fedline Platform to WindowsNT®

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

The Federal Reserve System has chosen Microsoft Windows NT® as the exclusive operating system for the new FedLine software after its transition to the Windows Platform.

Because the release of FedLine for Windows NT is still a year away, the Fed suggests that financial institutions maintain their DOS-based hardware for the time being. Institutions should note, however, that as they prepare for the transition to FedLine for Windows NT, they may need to upgrade their PCs to meet new hardware specifications.

The new software for Windows NT will offer several significant improvements over the current DOS-based software, including:

  • multitasking capabilities, which enable institutions to use other applications on their PCs without exiting FedLine;
  • an in-depth online "help" function; and
  • the ability to view and delete queued transactions before sending them to the Fed.

"FedLine for Windows will take advantage of the many changes in PC technology that have occurred since Fedline was introduced in the Eighth District 10 years ago," said Marilyn Corona, vice president of Corporate Accounting and Customer Relations at the St. Louis Fed. "Better utilizing this technology will provide greater flexibility and ease of use in our customers' operating environments."

The St. Louis Fed will assist customers in the transition to the Windows NT platform as the time nears. In the meantime, for questions about the expected hardware configurations or to preview the NT Workstation, please call Gary Auer at (314) 444-8948.

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