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Views: Ask the Fed® News Supplements Now Available for Senior Bank Officers

Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you're a participant in the monthly Ask the Fed conference call program, you now have access to additional information between each call. The new "Ask the Fed(itorial)" news supplements will feature post-conference call updates provided by Julie Stackhouse, senior vice president of Banking Supervision. The update topics, posted on the Ask the Fed web page, will address events in the news of interest to bankers and provide a regulatory perspective.

For those not familiar with the monthly program, Ask the Fed is a call-in session for senior officers of state member banks and bank holding companies. St. Louis Fed economists and examiners—and an occasional outside guest—give critical insights to senior officers on regulatory matters, the financial markets and financial crisis.

Both Ask the Fed and the "Ask the Fed(itorial)" service are accessible only to Ask the Fed participants, who will receive alerts via their e-mail whenever the updates occur, usually after a monthly call.

For more information on Ask the Fed, contact Erik Soell, director of Ask the Fed, at 314-444-7358, or go to